Laser Hair Reduction

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If you’re tired of shaving, creams, and waxing, we at Skin Fabulous Centre Medical Spa perform laser hair reduction with Diode laser hair removal system.

Laser hair reduction is a way to quickly and permanently reduce and remove unwanted hair on your body, including your face, underarms, arms, legs, and bikini line. This process is virtually pain-free, and after several visits, you’ll notice that your hair has stopped growing.

The hair reduction process is performed with a special laser that precisely targets hair in certain areas. The beam of light emitted by the laser wand damages the hair follicle, causing the hair’s growth to slow down for months or even years. Keep in mind that your hair grows in three cycles. Lasers can only destroy the hair follicle when it is in the growth phase, during this cycle is your hair receptive to the effects of the laser beam, so repeat visits are necessary for overall hair reduction. Six or more monthly sessions may be required due to cycles of hair growth.

Majority of people find the procedure easy to tolerate. Some may have more sensitive skin but we offer numbing cream if needed. Each session may vary based on the area being treated, for example, treatment to upper lips are faster than treatment to lower legs. Overall, there is little to no downtime. Side effects from Diode laser hair removal are minimal, but there may be redness on the treated area. This redness should disappear within two days.


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