Microcurrent Treatment

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What is Micro-Current Facial Rejuvenation?

A skin tightening procedure which helps to tighten and tone the skin, so as to bring back the suppleness of your skin. This is a treatment where a machine sends electrical currents.

How does it work?

The micro-current that is passed acts on the facial muscles and the superficial skin tissue. It stimulates the facial muscles by generating a slight amount of vibration. This is what helps to tighten the skin of the muscles. It is claimed that when this therapy is used, it leads to prevent the formation of frown lines and so, prevents the onset of facial signs of aging.

What are the benefits?

Due to the mini workout that is rendered to the facial muscles, tone of the facial muscles and also improves the facial muscles’ blood circulation. Due to the significant improvement in muscle tone, the skin looks tighter and more supple. Micro-current facial sculpting also leads to mild skin exfoliation and improves lymphatic drainage. This helps to prevent the face from looking swollen due to the edema. It is said that micro-current therapy also aids in lightening out scars and pigmentation marks that may be present, as there is mild skin exfoliation that occurs as well. This beauty treatment also helps tighten pores and lighten blemishes and slight scars.


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